About Us

I feel your frustration of not being as physically active as you once were because of past injuries

If you're like me, you've been physically active your entire life and have tried to play every sport you could, but now because of your active lifestyle you've also suffered countless injuries. You've likely felt depressed not being able to workout like you once did in the past so you've researched several different workout systems to get that same edge back. I know you're tired of the pain coming back after days of lifting weights and you just want to get healthier. You shouldn't have to struggle with overwhelmingly complex workout systems that may hurt you more.

For over 14 years serving the US Military, I've helped soldiers overcome the physical challenges and have continued to grow and develop the young leaders we have in the force today. Not only growing them mentally, but physically preparing them to be able to handle the tough obstacles they may face in the future. 

Over the past several year, I continued to train injured soldiers with traditional weightlifting, but I knew there had to be a better and faster way to get them healthier. That's when I developed the FitMilia Body By Band Board to help myself and others like me get back to health and become even better than they once were. This FitMilia Workout System has effectively helped my soldiers get their body's back to the shape they desired and increased their capabilities to do some of things they had to stop. 

I am committed to helping you get the body you desire, in a pain free way, and in half the time so you can stop feeling frustrated and overwhelmed. 

The process is simple -

  1. Purchase a FitMilia workout system so you have the proper tools to start your new workout routine

  2. Watch and actively follow the free bonus 4 week workout plan to get you mobile and healthy again

  3. Share your journey with those closest to you to keep you accountable and committed to your new body

Once you purchase a FitMilia workout system, you'll have taken the first step to a new and improved version of you.

I believe every person should be empowered to improve their health daily. I help you overcome your physical barriers to help you get back being active

Purchase a FitMilia Workout System so we can get started.